Progressive Jackpots Shine This May

Dreaming of summer? So take your vacation a little earlier this year… at the casino. Many online casinos have games that have this hot season theme, the Beach Life game is no exception, with interesting features and colorful symbols that remind players of hot summer days.

Game Specifications

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One of the hunting features -lots at the Euro Grand casino, the Beach Life slot seems to be a normal game. Vividly colored, with an online slot machine. Counting with five cylinders, twelve lines and having one of the symbols a summer day on the beach, with lifeguards, a diver, a sunbath and surfers, among many other symbols that are spread across the different cylinders.

All of the symbols mentioned above are joined by many others with special properties that include two Scatter symbols. A sandcastle that gives the player a win whenever two of those symbols appear on the reels, while if a bonus symbol is aligned on three reels it will unlock an extra game that allows players to click on different treasure chests to gain access hidden prizes.

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The best symbols to achieve are the Sun, which has two functions. First it acts as a wild symbol replacing others to increase the chances of getting winning combinations and second, if the player manages to align this symbol on all cylinders he will have access to a big progressive jackpot. Prizes that can easily exceed 2 or 3 million dollars.

The Beach Life game is undoubtedly a game that can change the lives of the luckiest players, that is, with just a simple turn on the reels. And even if they can’t make it to the grand prize, there are always interesting features to keep players entertained.

 Where to Find the Beach Life Game?

The Beach Life game comes with a progressive jackpot grand prize at the Euro Grand casino, although there are also other jackpots such as the Gladiadorm Jackpot, Everybody’s Jackpot or the Marvel superhero jackpot, whose prizes can be shared with someone who has played the games in the last 24 hours.

New players and also players who have been playing for some time can receive casino bonuses when making a deposit, with withdrawals and deposits being always made fairly and securely using different payment methods.

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